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A documentary about 2000 years of Hebrew presence in sub-Saharan Africa (2013) by David Szerman (France / Israel) 90 min.
Language: French / Hebrew – English Subtitles

The film director followed 2 Franco-Israeli rabbis (Haim Rosenfeld of the Temple Institute of Jerusalem and chief rabbi of Ivory Coast and Rabbi Abraham Sellem) in their fieldwork in Côte d’Ivoire on the DAN YACOUBA, an ethnic group of more than 2 million people who declare themselves the descendants of DAN, one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel.

David Szerman has been making documentaries for almost 20 years and has already made a two-part documentary on BNE THREAT – the Jews of Manipour and Mizoram (India), a community that for the past 50 years has claimed to be one of the ten most «lost tribes» of Israel.

According to the Old Testament, these tribes, driven out by the Assyrian invasion in 721 BC, would have scattered on the planet, awaiting their time to return to the Promised Land.To find the traces of this Hebrew past in Ivory Coast, we had to go into the mountains to meet animists and wizards who still practised pagan rites. And to see if there were in their rites things that would resemble what could have been the rites of the Hebrews before the destruction of the first Temple or Canaanite or Assyrian ritesIn Ivory Coast, we have found that the Dan Yacouba believe in a unique and invisible God, whom they worship by means of a mask. This unique God has a name that we do not have the right to pronounce. And it is actually Tetragamme. Instead of this name they say: «Atanai» (Adonai?). They also have a holy day, which is none other than Saturday, which they call «Saabaa». This word they translate as «Day of Sacrifice» or «Day of Fear». On that day, for the Dan people, work is strictly forbidden. The sacrifices in question are offerings of semolina mixed with oil (like the Korbane Minh’a in the Temple of Jerusalem). Of course they practise circumcision, which Dans consider to be a «distinctive mark». And for them it’s something fundamental. An uncircumcised person is absolutely not considered. He cannot marry a Danite, nor take part in the decisions of the community. (It is also under the pretext that we were circumcised that we were allowed to attend the «council of chiefs» as well as to meet the animist wizards and priests).

Welcome to listen to the testimonials of director David Szerman and Rabbi Haim Rosenfeld about their sensational discoveries, after the film.

En dokumentarfilm om 2000 av hebraisk tilstedeværelse i Afrika sør for Sahara (2013) av David Szerman (Frankrike / Israel) 90 min. Språk: Fransk / hebraisk/ engelsk undertekst.
Filmregissøren har fulgt 2 fransk-israelske rabbiner Haim Rosenfeld fra tempelinstituttet i Jerusalem og overrabbiner av Elfenbenskysten og rabbiner Abraham Sellem) i deres feltarbeid på Elfenbenskysten hos DAN YACOUBA folket, en etnisk gruppe på mer enn 2 millioner mennesker som erklærer seg til etterkommere av DAN, en av de ti tapte stammene fra Israel.

Publikum er invitert til å høre på Davis Szerman og Rabbi Haim Rosenfelds fortelle om deres oppsiktsvekkende funn, etter filmen.

Overrabbiner av Elfenbenkysten
Haim Rosenfeldt

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