Photo: «Ballumbrosio, El Carmen», by Martin Alvarado (Peru)

The exhibition Africa in Latin America covers several aspects from the past, present and future of African descended communities in Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela.

The photos were taken by Contemporary names (Martín Herrera and Alex Espinosa for Uruguay; Diego Casas for Argentina; Martin Alvarado and Oscar Chambi for Peru; José Luis Martínez, Antonio Saavedra, Paulina García Hubard and scholar Carlos Ruiz for Mexico). They depict everyday life, festivities, rituals and situations where many African descended communities in Latin America struggle for recognition and sometimes survival, albeit maintaining their cultural and historical heritage with pride and joy.

Three poems by young Venezuelan writer Bestimar Sepúlveda complete the works on display, showing the strong, symbolic presence of African heritage in Contemporary literature.

Read more below about the authors and the exhibitions or projects where the photographs on display are taken.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see a unique selection of photographs portraying a very little known part of history.

You can visit the exhibition at CAK (Pilestredet 75C) Monday to Friday 11-17 and Saturdays 12-17, until June the 20th.





Martin Herrera (Montevideo) started his path into photography in 2004. He has participated in individual, group and juried exhibits in Los Angeles and Venice Beach (California, USA) and Montevideo (Uruguay). The selected image by Martin for the exhibition is taken from his joint project “364plus1. Afro descendants beyond Candombe” (Martin Herrera & Daniel Charlone), exhibited at Punto de Encuentro (Montevideo) in November 2011.

Alex Espinosa (Mexico City, 1973) has been a photographer since 2000, developing projects for different organizations and publications in 16 countries of Latin America. His work goes from documentary projects, reportage, editorial and portrait. He has worked for many organizations and magazines. The selected images by Alex are focused on Afro communities, the candombe and rituals in Uruguay.


Diego Casas is a freelance Argentinian photographer who’s been taking pictures for more than two decades. The selected images belong to his project “Cabo-verdianos em Argentina: Comunidade de Dock Sud e Ensenada”, exhibited in Cape Verde in 2014. It is a documentary photography work made during 2008 with the Cape Verdean communities of Ensenada and Dock Sud.


Martin Alvarado (Lima, 1965). Some of the selected images by Martin Alvarado were part of an exhibition of his called “Afroperuanos” (Afro-Peruvian) and shown for the first time in Peru in 2009. Martin is of African descent and has been a photographer for more than two decades. He was awarded the first individual photo prize in the contest “Construyendo la Memoria Histórica del Pueblo Afroperuano a través de sus Imágenes”, held by the Peruvian Ministry of Education in 2013.

Oscar Chambi is a photographer and sociologist, specialized in the ethnical and cultural diversity of Peru. He has worked in photography projects related to Andino culture, Afro-Peruvian culture and Japanese immigration in Peru. He also lectures at university and develops a photographic investigation about musical contributions of Afro-Peruvians. Oscar is also the grandson of prominent Peruvian photographer Martín Chambi, who portrayed indigenous Peruvians for decades.


The photos by Paulina García Hubard, José Luis Martínez Maldonado and Antonio Saavedra are taken from the exhibition “Lo de Candela: afrodescendientes en la Costa Chica de Guerrero y Oaxaca, México”, held at INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia) in Mexico in September 2014. The aim of the exhibition was to show some of the features of the African descended communities in Costa Chica de Guerrero and Oaxaca through the National Anthropology Coordination from INAH, depicting the past and present of Afro-Mexican people and contribute to the disappearance of racism and discrimination towards Afrodescendents in Mexico and Latin America.


Betsimar Sepúlveda (Venezuela, 1974) is a writer, editor, poet, educator, designer and program coordinator for the promotion of reading and creative writing, with particular emphasis in reconstructing collective memory and intangible heritage.

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The exhibition will remain open until June the 20th
Open hours Monday to Friday 11-17, Saturday 12-17
Free admission


A very special thanks to all the photographers that contributed with their work and efforts, and to all the people who helped us make it possible: Beatriz Santos, Alberto Masliah, María Elisa Velázquez and Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia - Mexico, Luis Rocca and Museo Afroperuano de Zaña - Peru, and Chucho García.